A few months before World War II, Prague is occupied by Nazi Germany. Anna and her three girlfriends stubbornly long for understanding and happiness, selfishly ignoring what is happening around them. But with the arrival of the German protector and his new measures, they slowly have to find the answer to the question: “What is the price of their comfort?“

genre: drama / satire
7 episodes x 60 min. 

Prague, spring 1939. Czechoslovakia ceased to exist as our lands were occupied by Nazi Germany and the so-called Protectorate was established. It will exist for next six years. But four girls keep living their lives no matter what, ignoring what is around them...

Anna wants to become the first woman secretary of the ministry which is dominated by men. Not feeling the support she needs, Anna joins the resistance movement.

Jarmila has a strong bond with her bipolar brother, who’s in a psychiatric hospital. But she wants to be a well-known and respected actress and her brother stands in the way.

Božena is raising a child with her husband, but that’s the only thing she has in common with him. Soon she realizes her attraction towards her colleague Věra.

Marlena’s German mother is trying to push her into a racially appropriate relationship. But Marlena is already dating a guy, yet she doesn’t know he’s a Jew.

None of them is Jewish so the growing antisemitism doesn’t concern them at first. But when they witness a physical violence, when their friends start losing jobs, they have to pick a side.

Desperate Housewives cross Babylon Berlin. Sex and the City meets Jojo Rabbit. Story of “War’s a Bitch“ is not about politics but about a human spirit and its resourcefulness.

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  • Michaela Bastien (Flenerová)
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